​​​​​​Gaspar “JunBug” Agabin

Born and raised on the valley isle Maui, Hawaii. He grew up body boarding, snorkeling/ diving, fishing and camping. 
His martial arts experience includes :
Blue shirt / intermediate wing chun practitioner under sifu Daniel Garcia. Began training no gi jiu jitsu with professor travis pennington of nova uniao in 2000 then moved to vegas in 2004 and started training under john lewis under nova uniao at j-sect martial arts. In 2006 he began training with Marc Laimon and received his blue belt, then began teaching as kids bjj instructor and boxing coach. He stayed with cobra kai for almost 5 years. Then he started teaching kids and adults Jiu Jitsu and mma at Striking Unlimited under Ken Hahn. In 2011 he started training under Professor Robert Drysdale and received his purple belt under him. Before leaving, Gaspar was kids head instructor at an affiliate school Excel Defense Studios. In July 2015 he started training under Walter "Cascao" Vital, and in May 21, 2016 he was promomoted to brown belt by Walter Vital under the "Cascao Jiu Jitsu" association.

​​​​Calvin "CJ" Agabin

 Calvin is currently a blue belt under professor Walter “Cascao” Vital.  his journey of Jiu Jitsu started at the age of 5.  he's had the privilege of training under many talented teachers such as professor John Lewis at J-sect, coach Ulysses Gomez at Cobra Kai, professor Robert Drysdale at zenith BJJ, and finally Presently under professor walter “cascao” vital at Cascao Jiu Jitsu. he is currently a 12 time naga champion, 5 time grapplers quest champion, and a 1 time best in the west champion, the current 125 lb cadet division champion,  newcomers champion, and finalist in the fightblok 4 man super fight teen tournament.  he currently trains and coaches at 9th Isle BJJ . " I am honored and blessed that my Jiu Jitsu journey is strong and alive and still thriving! “Oss“       

Ray lopez

Began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2008 under Professors Mica Cipili and Walter Cascao, and received his Blue Belt in 2009.  Had the privilege of learning from Professors like Robert Drysdale and Sonny Nohara prior to joining coach Gaspar "Junbug" Agabin at 9th Isle BJJ/Cascao BJJ. In 2016 received Purple Belt from Professor Walter Cascao. Some of Ray's accomplishments include Bronze medalist in Abu Dhabi Pro Trials, Naga Expert Purple Belt Champion, World Jiu Jitsu League Champion, BJJ Tour Champion, NABJJF Nationals No-Gi Champion, NABJJF Nationals Gi medalist, and Bronze medalist in the 2014 IBJJF NO-GI Worlds. 

Vincent "Vinny" Valenzuela

A Paragon Jiu Jitsu Purple From Southern California  and Former Army infantrymen has had the opportunity to train with some of the Best Black belts in the world.  Such As Ricardo "Franjinha" Miller,   Lance Glenn, Jeff Glover, and Ben Westrich. A avid competitor winning Championships in promotions Fight 2 Win, Naga, and  Grapplers Quest. A Pan Korean Purple Belt Absolute champion, 8th Army Combatives Champion, and No Gi World medalist. Now residing In Las Vegas Training under  Walter " Cascao" Vital under Cascao BJJ, and coach Gaspar "Junbug" Agabin at 9Th Isle BJJ.